Thursday, March 02, 2006

Because the best price point is free

Another in my very infrequent frugality series: Microsoft is giving away completely free USB thumb drives. (Offer good in the U.S. only. Sorry, international readers!) Loaded with Microsoft propaganda, of course. Since they can be pretty useful devices, I figured I'd pass it along. My sister was quite astounded this weekend when I introduced her to her first flash drive, which we used to transfer MP3s between computers. (I was impressed -- her circa-1999 iMac had no problem with the drive and required no drivers.) Thumb drives seem to be the tech tchotchke of choice these days; I tend to get piles of them in press kits. Still, it's nice to have an alternative to small-capacity-and-breakable floppy disks!

(The answers to Microsoft's questions are '2' and true to all the rest.)