Sunday, May 23, 2010

Serial bank dating

I always intended to come back to the story of how my attempts to abandon Chase are going, but kept getting distracted. So I wrote it up over at Make Love Not Debt: Taking a Break from Monogamy.

Meanwhile, as we prepare to pay our Very First Mortgage Payment, the kitty decided now would be a great time for a dental emergency. He's lost a tooth -- and unlike when five-year-kids do this and it's an exciting milestone, with five-year-old cats you end up feeling like a horrible, neglectful parent who didn't realise that your cat's teeth are dissolving. So poor Kea is getting hauled off to the vet tomorrow to have what's left of his teeth cleaned, and likely removed.

Because what we really needed right now was a random $500 bill. Sigh. At least he's cute.