Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The virtues of PocketMoney

Quicken seems to be the popular favourite for personal-finance management software. I've never been tempted to use it because, as noted, I don't have any desire to keep a strict budget. But several years back, I decided I did need a program to replace my oft-neglected paper checking account balance register. I wanted software for my Palm, the device I can't live without. (I feel about my Palm the way iPod devotees feel about their iPods.)

This was quite a while back, so there may be interesting new options I'm unaware of, but I tried out three or four programs and settled on this one: PocketMoney. I like the interface. I don't use fancy features, but I gather it has some. Were I so inclined, I could download my financial info and data-mine my spending. It's fairly cheap, and you pay the fee only once -- no annual-subscription nonsense. For Palm owners looking for a finances program, I highly recommend it.