Thursday, July 24, 2008

Introducing PocketMint

So, particularly close observers of my blogroll may have noticed a new entry: PocketMint.

One of my laments about the personal-finance blogspace is that while there are zillions of blogs, there are relatively few blogs where the focus is as much on the writing as the numbers. My interest in personal finance tends toward the psychological and cultural- anthropology side: I've never been interested in money in and of itself. It's the power dynamics and social structures around money that interest me. Having money gives you a tremendous amount of influence over how your life unfolds. That's why the petty details of how money moves in people's actual lives interests me.

PocketMint proprietress Karawynn is quite pragmatic, but above all, she's a writer and a thinker, and when she told me "I'm considering starting a personal-finance blog," I said, "HOORAY!" Because I knew her blog would be another place I could regularly read articulate, nuanced takes on the financial details of daily life.

So hop on over for posts on teens and text-messaging insanity, the economics of fish fillets, and how to get a fee-free IRA. I'm very pleased PocketMint has arrived on the scene. Give her feedback so she'll keep writing :)